Assumptions and Nuance

I remember when I was first introduced to philosophy and philosophic thought. My sister was taking a college class and was questioning something that we had always taken for granted. She decided it would be a good idea to make her problems mine.

Up until that point in my life, things were simple. I didn’t worry about the subtle nuances of reality. Things just worked and I was content to allow them to.

Then out of the blue, the bastions of higher thought came at me hard and I was left undone. No longer did my world consist of basic truths but complexity and variation.

I could no longer be content knowing. Now I was pressed to know why and understand context.

Overall, I’m grateful for this lesson at an early age because it has helped to prepare me for the world today.

I have a motto. Not sure if I came up with it or if it’s one of those things that I stole. The origins, for me, are no longer relevant.

The motto? “Everything is a thing.”

I’m going to write in depth about this motto in the future. For now, I’ll just say that maybe the things that we assume are simple, aren’t. Maybe things, especially in the age of digital information and enlightenment are complex and nuanced. For everything that is nuanced, people are more so.

One thought on “Assumptions and Nuance

  1. The simple made complex and the complex made simple. Some things are just too wonderful for us. Some things just take trust. If only we would just stop and listen to each others stories instead of simply using our own limited experiences to define everything.

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