Conflict: Openness and Insecurity

It can be hard to break out of the conflict cycle. You know, the one in which your “friend” gets offended and suddenly everything triggers them. It’s like a swirling cesspool of death and destruction. Once your “friend” gets caught up in the riptide of insecurity it seems all logic and rational thought goes out the window.

We try to make accommodations and throw the occasional life preserver but it’s a hard-fought battle. Insecurity doesn’t give up easily and it’s hard for our “friends” to be open about their shortcomings.

The thing that makes this so incomprehensible is that we all have these flaws. They manifest differently but if we were honest with ourselves, we wouldn’t have to hide behind our “friends”. In that honesty we would be willing to break the cycle.

We would throw up our hands and cry, “Stop the fight!”

It’s not necessary for there to be anymore carnage. We needn’t argue and bicker. We are all flawed, in a way it’s what makes that mosaic of humanity so fragile, yet beautiful.

When I am honest, I know that my shortness with others is a gauge to my own insecurity. I need to be willing to break the cycle and work towards resolution.

The fantastic thing about us as humans is that while we have a natural tendency, we can rise above. When it comes to conflict, it’s our own choice.

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